New Art Collection

Based on a bold and innovative project, thyssenkrupp proudly launches its latest line of cabins. A wide range of materials, colors and textures are available to personalize your elevator, making it a pleasant, welcoming and safe environment. Let your creativity fly and make your development unique and magnificent.

Recommended for high standard commercial buildings, the new art collection cars are exceptionally versatile and can be adapted to any architectural design, while also offering a model for people with reduced mobility.

Diversity in finishes
Now you have the versatility in finishes, beside the traditional stainless steel. Options like glass and wood allow for innumerous combinations of texture and color.

Control panels and corners
The new art collection car feature straight corners and flat control panels that do not invade the useful area of the care, making the environment bigger, while generating a sensation of comfort and safety.


Finishing options to customize your way.

Indicators - Cabin

Indicators - Floor


Traffic control


Energy saving

Control Panels - Floor

Control Panels

Panel Control - High Protection


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